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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good propagation on 9MHz around sunrise

Sunspot activity remains very low – from Nov 18 to Dec 9 it was zero. From Dec 10 to 12 it ranged from 12 to 14 spots, but dropped back to zero from Dec 14 to 16.

However, good propagation here in Melbourne continues in our morning period, in the pre and post sunrise window, with the highlight being the strong shortpath signals from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Africa noted on 31 metres, between 1900 and 2100.

We are now passing through the December solstice period – earliest sunrise in Melbourne was at 1851 on December 2 through December 14. Due to the Earth’s axis being tilted, our latest sunset doesn’t occur until 0945 on January 31.

This means that we have maximum sunlight hours during most of January, resulting in many opportunities for researching the enigmatic and mysterious daytime propagation Modes from Asia and Africa, which are very unpredictable, and influenced by solar activity!

This is a summary of selected spectrum occupancies observed in the 9MHz band in the window from 1900 to 2000 on December 17, with several newly introduced frequencies noted.

9250 EGYPT R. Cairo Arabic
9310 EGYPT R. Cairo English
9335 SRI LANKA R. Farda Iranawela Farsi
9365 FRANCE RTI Issoudin French
9390 FRANCE R. Algeria Issoudin Arabic
9470 INDIA AIR National network
9480 GERMANY WYFR Nauen English
9490 GERMANY VOA Biblis *1930-2000* Turkish
9500 GERMANY WYFR Wertachtal Arabic
9525 ROMANIA RRI German
9535 CHINA CREI Beijing Portuguese
9550 RWANDA FEBA Kigali Arabic
9610 CANADA RCI Sackville French
9620 AUSTRIA AWR Moosbrunn *1900-1930* French
9695 GERMANY DW Wertachtal French
9735 RWANDA DW Kigali Portuguese
9830 JORDAN Amman Arabic
9885 UAE WYFR Dhabbaya English
9970 BELGIUM BRT Wavre French
9980 USA WWCR English
9990 EGYPT R. Cairo Hausa

Regards from Melbourne!

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