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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Asian Daytime Mode - new occurrences noted

On two successive days, January 12 and 13, there were remarkable appearances of the Asian Daytime Mode between 0400 and 0500 on 7 and 9 MHz.

These Modes were monitored on:

Jan 12: The Mt Cannibal Reserve, Garfield, 60 km east of Melbourne
Jan 13: Witton's Reserve (the canoe launching area!), Warrandyte State Park,
20 km east of the Melbourne CBD

I was in those places primarily for bushwalking training!

Of particular importance was the appearance of three transmitters from China:

7280 Voice of the Strait
7275 PBS-Xinjiang, Uighur
7165 PBS-Nei Menggu, Mandarin

This is the first occasion that I have noted China on 7 MHz during the Asian Daytime Mode openings!

As for previous Asian Mode events, these signals became audible abruptly, with no actual "fade-in" gradient. In the space of a few milliseconds, these signals suddenly appeared - some were audible for only two or three minutes - others were audible for up to 30 minutes and longer.

This is a summary of reception, showing the overall time spans at which these signals were audible, until the close of research at 0515, with composite observations integrated for the two days:

7165 CHINA PBS-Nei Menggu, Mandarin 0430-0500
7210 VIETNAM VOV 0445-0515
7260 VANUATU Vila 0445-0515
7275 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang, Uighur 0440-0500
7280 CHINA V. of Strait, Mandarin 0430-0500
7295 MALAYSIA RTM-Kajang, English 0445-0515
9460 CHINA CRI English 0445-0500
9500 CHINA CNR1 0400-0515
9505 CHINA V. of Strait, mandarin 0400-0500
9530 VIETNAM VOV, national network 0445-0515
9540 SOLOMON ISLANDS 0455-0515
9595 JAPAN R. Nikkei, Tokyo 0505-0515
9665 N. KOREA KCBS Pyongyang 0450-0515
9680 INDONESIA RRI Jakarta national network 0400-0515
9685 CHINA CNR5 0400-0515
9720 CHINA CNR2 0435-0515
9730 MYANMAR Yangon 0440-0515
9750 MALAYSIA V. of Islam, Kajang English 0400-0515
9760 JAPAN R. Nikkei, Tokyo, 0440-0515
9850 VIETNAM VOV domestic sign-on 0400 to 0515
9875 VIETNAM VOV domestic sign-on 0400 to 0515
9810 CHINA CNR2 0400-0515

As I have mentioned earlier, these Asian mode signals often originate randomly from various countries - on these two days, no signals were audible from the Indian sub-continent or from Sarawak! Signals from the same transmitter location on different frequencies tend not to propagate at the same times!

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