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Friday, March 20, 2009

Latest shortwave QSLs received - lots of them!

Here are details of my latest shortwave QSLs, received recently.

They include QSLs from 14 stations for transmitter sites not previously verified, bringing my “Station Tally” to 1033.

ALBANIA: CRI 11710 9435 Cerrick, col cds of National Indoor Stadium

ALBANIA: R. Tirana 7460, 6005, 6010, 9345 col cds of dancer in national costume

BELARUS: R. Minsk 7390 col cd shows National Academy of Sciences, 7135 cold cd shows views in Minsk

BULGARIA: R. Sofia 5900, 9800 col cds show Bulgarian Monasteries

CHINA: CRI, 15110 Kashi col cd Olympic Sports Centre Stadium; 5985 Beijing 7295 Urumqi col cds of National Stadium, 6135 Beijing 9600 Urumqi col cd shows Worker’s Indoor Arena

CZECH REP: R. Prague 9700 9730 col cds show former Czech gymnast, 9445 col cd shows Czech soccer player

ENGLAND: DW 11865, 9715 Rampisham col cds show Brandenburger Tor and stylized map of Europe

ENGLAND: RTI 6045 Rampisham col cd shows Taiwan Aborigines

FRANCE: Polish Radio via Issoudin 7345 col cd shops scene in Warsaw

FRANCE: RN 9690 Issoudin col cd of Windmill on River Gaasp

GERMANY: Bible Voice Broadcasting 6130, 6015, 9470, 6110 Wertachtal col cds show world map

GERMANY: NHK 9825 Nauen col cd shows Fisherman

GERMANY: Pan American Broadcasting 9515 Wertachtal col PDF document shows transmitter towers Emailed from Media Broadcast transmission provider

GERMANY: Voice of Russia 6145 Wertachtal col PDF document Emailed shows transmitter towers from Media Broadcast transmission provider

GERMANY: Polish Radio Wertachtal 6175 col cd shows Town Hall at Night, 5975, 6135, col cd shows Cathedral at Night, 7135 old cd shows views of Warsaw, 6050 col cd shows city buildings, 5850 col cd shows Krakow

GERMANY: WYFR 5970, 9635, 6115 Nauen col cds of 30th anniversary

GERMANY: WYFR 9620 9610 Wertachtal col cd 30th anniversary

MARIANAS IS: RFA Tinian 9865, 9850 col cds for RFA 12 anniversary, shows children’s’ painting

MOLDOVA: 6040 RN Kishinev col cd of Canal in Dremen

PHILIPPINES: R. Pilipinas 9395 Tinang plain card shows colored logo

ROMANIA: RRI 9655, 7215, 7130, 9525 col cds show Flowers in Botanical Gardens

RUSSIA: DW 5945 Krasnodar col cd shows DW 1953-2003 50th anniversary

RUSSIA: RFA 15535, Vladivostok 15635 Irkutsk col cds for RFA 12th anniversary, shows childrens’ painting

RUSSIA: WYFR 7440 Moscow, 6320 Samara col cds 30th anniversary

RUSSIA: Vatican Radio 12035 Irkutsk col cd shows rotating antenna

RWANDA: DW 6150 Kigali col cd shows Schweriner Dom

SOUTH AFRICA: 9735 Channel Africa Meyerton letter from Santech Broadcast Planning

SOUTH AFRICA: DW Meyerton 9825, letter from Sentech Broadcast Planning

SOUTH KOREA: KBS World 9805 Kimjae col cd show weightlifter

TAJIKISTAN: RFA 17510 Dushanbe col cd for RFA 12th anniversary, shows childrens’ painting

TAJISTAN: R. Prague Dushanbe 5870 col cd of Czech soccer player

THAILAND: VOA 9670 Udorn col cd shows Delano facilities

UAE: WYFR 9485 Dhabbaya col cd 30th anniversary

UKRAINE: R. Kiev International 7420 col cd shows country scene

USA: VOA 9575 Greenville col cd shows transmission towers

VATICAN: VR Santa Maria di Galeria 5910 col cd shows rotating antennas

ZAMBIA: Christian Voice 9430 Lusaka col cd shows station emblem


Total SW QSLs received: 8296 (no duplicate frequencies, no utility stations, no time signal stations, no pirate stations)
Total SW Stations QSLd: 1033
Total Current Radio Countries QSLd: 229
Total Deleted Radio Countries QSLd: 24
Total SW reception reports sent out (since 1954): 10,842
Total response rate: 77%

Note: Achievements and statistics based on Standards developed by the former Australian DXing Federation.

Did someone say that SW broadcasters no longer issue QSLs?!!!

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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