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Friday, July 3, 2009

On-Line Shortwave Chat Meeting Service - ready to roll!

Some of us will remember the IC Chat service we used several years ago. Technology has advanced a lot since then, and I would like to set up an on-line Shortwave Chat (Meeting) Schedule, initially as text, and possibly (later) as audio and/video.

If you are a Facebook user, you can enable Chat from the Icon at the bottom right of your Facebook screen!

There is a small learning curve to set up your Chat access, but after that it's a cinch!

In fact you can also do this from your Internet Enabled Mobile Phone, or Laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity!

If you are a Facebook User and would like to join in the proposed Chat Schedule, please reply to me soon, with your preferred times and days.

Once you have done that I will test the Chat with you personally.

Here in Melbourne, Rob Wagner and I tested out the Chat earlier today and it worked fine, almost in real time, with no delays which happened with IC Chat!!

You can join Facebook at

I have also set up a new Facebook Group, known as "Shortwave Australia". This is free, for anyone, anywhere in the universe, or elswhere, interested in sharing and discussing any aspect of shortwave radio. A Discussion Topic is active, "The Future of Shortwave Radio", which already has some thoughtfully prepared and interesting views submitted to it.

You can join Shortwave Australia at

From Melbourne, Australia, this is Bob, wishing you happy shortwave listening and chatting! Hear from you soon, and look foward to an on-line Shortwave Chat Meeting with you soon!

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