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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Invitation to join the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association

I am writing to invite you to consider joining the Electronic DX Press  Radio Monitoring Association - EDXP.

Membership is free, and members are located around the world.

EDXP Is a non-commercial, on-line hobby venture, formed in 1995, convened and managed by me (Bob Padula), of Melbourne, Australia.

Members share and exchange news and monitoring information about World Radio High Frequency Broadcasting, Australian domestic broadcasting, and related themes, in a structured and timely manner.

This is done through an Email Message List, on the Yahoo Groups platform.

The EDXP celebrated its 14th birthday on January 4, 2010,  moving into its 15th year of continuous operations. It was the pioneer hobby DXing organisation in Australia using Internet technology for communication between members.

Members regularly receive extensive additional information, including:

- Scripts of AWR's weekly "Wavescan" programs
- Weekly Newsletters published by the Worldwide DX Club (Germany)
- Weekly Newsletters issued by Radio Bulgaria Monitoring
- Monthly Newsletters of the National Association of SW Broadcasters (USA)
- Weekly Solar Geophysical summaries
- New schedules of international broadcasters

The EDXP Charter is essentially one of a friendly community.

The EDXP Website contains many public-access features, available to anyone, whether or not they are EDXP members. One of these is the embedded WORLD SHORTWAVE FORUM, a simple easy-to-use Message Board where no registration is required.

I am a Consultant Professional Communications Engineer, a freelance technical writer, and a long-time producer of medis programs devoted to radio broadcasting. I've been actively involved with the radio monitoring (DXing) movement in editorial, or managerial capacities, for some 46 years.I hold the Australian Government Award of the Medal of the Order of Australia, (OAM) for services rendered in a voluntary capacity to shortwave radio.

I invite you to consider joining the EDXP - as a member, you will have full access to a large range of resources, including technical information not readily available from other sources.

To join, please visit the EDXP Website, at

I look forward to having you with us!

Best regards from Melbourne, Australia

Bob Padula

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