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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morning propagation on 7 MHz

Data from the IPS in Sydney of July 24, 2010 is that the 10.7 cm Solar Flux
was up to 86 - the daily average flux for the past four weeks was 73.9,
72.8, 79.2 and 80.6. The daily Smoothed Sunspot Number for July 24, 2010 was
29, an increase of the mean of 21.7 observed in the previous week.

These upward trends should not be construed as denoting a permanent
increase in these parameters, with solar activity continuing to remain very

It is still not known whether Solar Cycle 24 has actually commenced - the
present low level has remained relatively unchanged for the past two years!

It has been suggested in professional circles that new solar cycles as we
them may no longer occur, and that the present level of activity may now
become the norm.

This means that long distance propagation over darkness or semi-darkness
paths on frequencies above about 12 MHz will be unreliable or even
impossible, but daytime transmission above 12 MHz will generally be

Notwithstanding all this, propagation into Melbourne continues to exhibit
the characteristics expected following the June solstice, and spring is not
too far away!

The 7 MHz region has been very active recently in our post-sunrise window
and into mid morning, with channel usage very high in the period 2100 to
past 2300.

Here are some selected entries made on July 24, 2010 in that time period,
dominated by shortpath signals from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle

7210 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick Spanish *2300
7240 CHINA PBS Xizang Mandarin 2220
7255 CHINA CNR2 Mandarin 2215
7270 ARMENIA VOR-Yerevan Russian 2315
7285 MOLDOVA VOR-Kishinev Russian 2310
7295 MALAYSIA RTM Kajang relay domestic FM English network 2230
7325 CHINA CRI-Kunming Mandarin 2250
7345 TUNISIA Arabic 2230
7360 CHINA CNR11 Tibetan 2220
7430 PHILIPPINES VOA-Tinang Burmese *2300
7435 ROMANIA RRI English 2230
7440 UKRAINE RUI German 2215
7470 MONGOLIA RFA-Ulaan Bataar Tibetan 2320
7480 SRI LANKA RFA-Iranawela Cambodian *2230
7490 THAILAND BBC-Nakhon English 2220
7550 INDIA AIR English 2220

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