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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Asia signals in early afernoon

I was gold prospecting at Warrandyte State Park on Wednesday afternoon
December 1, 2010 - found nothing!

So I had a look at propagation in the window 0330 to 0500:

The summer shortpath Asian Daytime Specialized Mode on 6 MHz to 12 MHz
has not yet materialized. I wish it would hurry up as I need to continue my propagation research during the present period of very low solar activity!

1. There are only fragments of this mode observed from 0300 onwards.

2. Normal single-hop E-mode signals from Asia, and multi-hop long-path
F-layer propagation from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East are available 6
MHz to 12 MHz

3. Normal multi-hop F-layer signals from Europe, Africa, Middle East and
Asia dominate the region from 15 MHz to 22 MHz

These selected entries from the Warrandyte location may be of

VIETNAM - National network outlets audible from 0400 on 9635, 9850, 9875,

CHINA - CNR2 outlets on 11660 and 9810 from 0330; CNR11 (Tibetan) on 11685
0430-0500; CNR5 (Chinese) on 9685 after 0455

JAPAN - R. Nikkei, Tokyo, 9595 after 0450 - 9760 not audible!

BURMA (also known as MYANMAR!) - BBS Rangoon (also known as Yangon) on 9730,
fragmentary propagation 0330-0345

MALAYSIA - VOM-Kajang, strong at sign-on at 0400, Malay, on 9750

Stay cool, have a good one, and may Australia get off to a good start in
tomorrow's Second Ashes Cricket test in Adelaide!

There is a weirdo in the USA who mass-mails vast amounts of cut-and-pasted
radio-related material into a multiplicity of lists, groups, websites and
message-boards, who seems to get pleasure from continually attacking the
sport of cricket, calling it a "silly ball game". Charlies such as this
should be ignored!

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