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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Propagation research - 15 MHz band: 1900--2000 windiow

There has been a small increase in solar activity as we move into Cycle
24, and of interest is the band opening which manifested itself on December
16, 2010, in the window 1900 to 2000, as observed here in Melbourne.

This was marked by shortpath (Pacific) transmissions from the Americas, as
well as longpath signals from Africa.

The modest rise in solar activity has pushed up MUFs/OWFs to about 16 MHz
over paths which now include regions of darkness, or semi-darkness.

Latest data from IPS in Sydney advises that the 10.7 cm solar flux is
hovering around 90, and the daily Smoothed Sunspot Number is centred on 34.

This is what the band looked like between 1900 and 2000:

15105 ASCENSION BBC *1930 Hausa
15115 USA WYFR English
15190 EQUATORIAL GUINEA R Africa, ata, English
15225 N. ANTILLES VOA Bonaire French
15240 S. AFRICA AWR-Meyerton Fulfulde to 1930*
15275 PORTUGAL DW-Sines English
15330 USA R. Marti Greenville Spanish
15345 MAURITANIA RTVM Arabic, co-channel RAE
15365 CANADA RCI-Sackville French
15385 USA KJES NM Spanish - ITU registration indicates that azimuth is 270
degrees, 50 KW, primary target Eastern Australia (CIRAF Zones 55 58 and 59)
15400 ASCENSION BBC English
15420 USA WBCQ English
15564 USA USA WYFR English
15580 BOTSWANA VOA English to 1930*
15610 USA WEWN English

Appendix (source: IPS Sydney)
SSNs for 2011 and 2012 ("e" denotes estimated value - others are predicted)

2011 20.0e 21.1e 22.1e 23.2e 24.8e 27.1 29.6 32.7 36.0 39.8 43.2 46.1
2012 48.8 52.9 57.3 61.2 63.4 65.7 67.9 70.5 73.1 75.4 78.1 80.5

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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