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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Excellent Asian Daytime Propagation Mode event

Today, I was fortunate in being able to intercept a splendid Asian Daytime
Propagation Mode event on 9 MHz, in the window 0300 to 0330, 1 pm local
standard time here.

This was at one of my favourite field monitoring sites, in the Pound
Bend Reserve, Warrandyte Sate Park, 20 km east of central Melbourne,
using the Eton E5 ad 5 nm of antenna in a gum tree.

The signals were characterised by sudden fade=in, rising almost
instantaneously to great strength.

This is a summary of the event:

9595 JAPAN R. Nikkei, Tokyo, Japanese 0310
9635 VIETNAM VOV nat network Vietnamese 0315
9731 BURMA BBS-Rangoon, Burmese 0315, frequency actually 9731, causing het
with Pyongyang 9730!
9750 MALAYSIA VOM-Kajang, brilliant/huge signal at *0300, Malay
9750 CHINA N. Mengggu PBS, Hohhot, Chinese 0245
9760 JAPAN R. Nikkei, Tokyo, Japanese 0315
9835 MALAYSIA Sarawak-FM program relayed over Kajang txer, Malay 0320
9870 INDIA AIR nat net 0320
9875 VIETNAM VOV nat net 0300

Other non-Asian signals of note:

9800 PORTUGAL DW-Sines Russian 0300
9845 SRI LANKA Hello Darfur via Iranawela, Sudanese 0310
9855 PORTUGAL DW-Sines Swahili 0320

11711 ARGENTINA, RAE, French 0320, frequency offset by 1 KHz from nominal
11710, hetting CRI 11710 Russian

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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