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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Excellent HF Daytime Asian Propagation event on 7 MHz

This afternoon I went over to the Warrandyte State Park - 25 mins from here.

Did some monitoring research at the Jumping Creek Reserve, adjacent to the
Yarra River.

And it came to pass that I intercepted an Asian Daytime Propagation event on
7 MHz and 9 MHz in the window 0330 to 0430 - the highlights were RTV
Malaysia from Kuching on 7270, and from Kajang on 7295.

This is the first 7 MHz Asian Daytime Mode opening I've observed this

Transmission distances - totally daylight paths:

Kuching 5630 km
Kajang 6071 km

So much for long distance propagation from Asia into Melbourne requiring
ONLY a darkness zone - this myth
has been destroyed!

Further up, plenty of Asian action on 9 MHz, including:

9635 VIETNAM VOV nat net 0400
9750 MALAYSIA VOM-Kajang English 0400
9835 MALAYSIA Sarawak-FM via Kajang 0400
9850 VIETNAM VOV nat net 0410
9870 INDIA AIR 0400
9875 VIETNAM VOV dialects net *0400

Regards from Melbourne!

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