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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sounds on Shortwave - new episode available

Tha latest episode of "Sounds on Shortwave - Feb 23, 2011' is now available
for downloading or as a Podcast.

This episode is a 25 minute compilation of some 30 off-air signals recorded
on Feb 22, 2011, in the Bunyip State Park, 80 km east of Melbourne, using
the little E5 receiver and 3m of random antenna tossed into a tree. Details
about each Sound are given in my audio narrative.

Good sounds on 9 MHz, 11 MHz, 13 MHz and 15 MHz in the time window 0400 to
0500 UTC, 2 pm our local time. Longpath on 9. 11 and 13 MHz from Europe,
Middle East and Africa; shortpath on 15 MHz from Asia, Middle East, Africa
and the Americas on 15 MHz.

It's at

Comments and feedback wouod be appreciated!

Please feel free to pass on details about this Website to anyone you feel
might be interested in hearing the Shortwave Sounds!

Regards from Melbourne

Bob Padula


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