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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunspot count increases - good pre-dawn propagation on 15 MHz into Melbourne

The daily Smoothed Sunspot Number rose to 70 yesterday and this was
associated with increased Optimum Working Frequencies for longpath
propagation into Melbourne from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and
shortpath transmissions from the Americas, in our pre-dawn window from as
early as 1800.

This summary shows the main occupancies as noted on March 30 2011:

15110 SPAIN REE Spanish 1900-2100
15140 OMAN R. Oman, Thumrait English/Arabic 1800-2000
15155 ENGLAND Polish Radio, Wooferton Ukrainian *1830-1900*
15180 ENGLAND RCI Rampisham Arabic 1900-2000
15190 PHILIPPINES OBS Tagalog/English *1830-1930*
15205 GERMANY AWR Nauen Fulfulde *1900-1930*
15235 CANADA RCI Sackville French English 1900-2100
15245 N. KOREA VOK Eur langs 1800-1900
15260 GERMANY AWR Nauen Arabic 1900-2000
15275 RWANDA DW Kigali German 1800-1900
15300 FRANCE RFI Issoudin French 1800-2000
15310 ROMANIA RRI Romanian 1800-2000
15320 ENGLAND RCI Skelton French 1900-2000
15345 MAURITANIA RTVM Arabic 1800-2100
15360 ENGLAND RTI Rampisham French 1800-1900
15400 ASCENSION BBC English 1800-2000
15445 GERMANY NHK Wertachtal Japanese 1800-1900
15465 RUSSIA VOR Moscow Russian 1800-2000
15495 GERMANY RN Wertachtal English 1800-2000
15540 KUWAIT R. Kuwait Arabic 1800-2000
15560 PORTUGAL RDP Portuguese 1900-2000
15600 USA WYFR English 1900-2000
15630 GREECE VOG Greek 1800-2000*
15690 FRANCE RTI Issoudin French 1900-2000

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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