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Thursday, April 14, 2011

11 MHz band and Brazil

Solar activity continues to be small - latest data from IPS advises that
Solar Flux had dropped to 118, and the SSN had fallen to 70.

Whilst IPS declares this data to be "very low", it rerepresents a
significant increase from the situation of a month ago!

Our autumn is progressing well, and winter approaches, with daytime long
distance propagation into Melbourne intensifying on 6, 7, and 9 MHz.

Interesting occupancies noted in the 11 MHz band during our mid-afternoons -
these entries were made at the Warrandyte State Park during the window 0530
to 0600, April 13

11635 SRI LANKA R.Farda, Iranawela, Farsi
11645 GREECE VOG Albanian
11765 BRAZIL R. Tupi, Curitiba
11815 BRAZIL R. Brasil Central
11970 GERMANY Hamada Radio International, Nauen, *0530 Hausa
12060 PORTUGAL RDP, Portuguese

R. Senado, on 5990, observed in the 2030-2100 Melbourne morning window on
April 13 - propagation via shortpath across the Antarctic region, signals
arriving into Melbourne from the south.

VOIRI usage in 13 MHz band is high in the period 0530 to 0600: these entries
of April 13:

13670 Bosnian *0530
13740 Dari
13790 Arabic
13800 Arabic

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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