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Saturday, April 30, 2011

17 MHz and 21 MHz spectrum survey

Solar activity currently remains low - 10.7 cm flux 110, SSN 60, according
to IPS April 30.

Despite this, there has been lots of action in the 17 MHz and 21 MHz bands
in our Melbourne mid-afternoons, dominated by shortpath (daylight)
transmissions from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

This is a summary of what these bands looked like in the window 0530 to 0600
on April 29 2011, from a vantage point in the Warrandyte State Park, 20 km
east of central Melbourne.

If you are interested in frequency usage from CHINA, then the 17 MHz band
is the place to be!

17485 CHINA CRI Kashi Arabic
17505 CHINA CRI Kashi English
17530 IRAN VOIRI Spanish (massive signal!)
17540 CHINA CRI Kashi English
17550 CHINA CNR Chinese
17560 THAILAND RFE Udorn Russian
17565 CHINA CNR Chinese
17580 CHINA CNR Chinese
17595 CHINA CNR Chinese
17605 CHINA CNR Chinese
17615 MARIANAS RFA Tinian Chinese with attendant jammers
17625 CHINA CNR Chinese
17640 CYPRUS BBC English
17655 THAILAND R. Thailand Udorn English
17670 SRI LANKA R. Azadi Pashto
17690 THAILAND R. Azadi, Udorn Pashto
17720 CHINA CRI Kashi German
17730 CHINA CRI Xian English
17735 THAILAND VOA Udorn Tibetan
17740 CHINA CRI Xian Vietnamese
17750 MADAGASCAR VOA Talata Kurdish
17760 ROMANIA RRI English (target Australia)
17790 THAILAND BBC Nakhon English
17800 ABU DHABI DW Dhabbaya Portuguese
17830 PAKISTAN R. Pakistan Urdu
17845 GERMANY R. Farda Lampertheim Farsi
17855 CHINA CRI Beijing English
17890 CHINA CNR Chinese
17895 S. ARABIA BSKSA Arabic

13 metres

21500 ROMANIA RRI English - intended for Australia - stupendous signals -
parallel 17760 - seem to be beamed directly at Melbourne!
21550 MARIANAS RFA Tinian Chinese
21580 MARIANAS RFA Tinian Chinese
21780 SRI LANKA DW Trincomalee Portuguese

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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