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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monitoring at Black Snake Creek Rd, Bunyip State Park

I went out to the Bunyip State Park, 65 km east of Melbourne, on Saturday
June 4 2011.

There is no power line interference there!

We are now inside early winter, and our daylength has reduced to 9 hrs 39
mins - this will reduce to 9 hrs 33 mins on all days from June 18 to 25.

The highest point of the sun on June 4 was 0217 UTC (12.17 pm).

This means that our daytime long-haul multi-hop propagation is now at its
peak from our mid-morning and across midday - on June 5, Voice of Russia on
7270 appeared as early as 0115 (11.15 am) from Yerevan with its Spanish
service, followed shortly later by a heap of other 7 MHz European longpath

Spectrum research in the mid-afternoon between 0330 and 0430 revealed a vast
array of signals from all continents on 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 9 MHz and 11 MHz.

The receiver was the little Eton Et with 2 metres of random antenna!

This is a summary, all 0330-0400 unless stated otherwise:

5960 CANADA NHK Sackville Japanese
6020 ALBANIA CRI Cerrick Chinese
6030 USA R. Marti Greenville Spanish
6125 Spain REE Spanish
6195 CANADA CRI Sackville English

7200 SUDAN R. Omdurman Arabic
7230 VATICAN RCI via Santa Maria di Galeria Arabic
7240 RWANDA DW Kigali German 0405
7260 VANUATU Vila 0405
7280 GERMANY R. Farda Wertachtal Farsi
7295 FRANCE R. Algeria via Issoudin Arabic 0405
7305 CANADA Vatican Radio via Sackville Spanish
7335 ROMANIA RRI English
7390 GERMANY RFE Lampertheim Tatir-Bashkir
7400 BULGARIA R. Sofia Russian
7425 ALBANIA R. Tirana English
7435 GERMANY RFE Lampertheim Russian
7475 GREECE VOG Greek

9370 USA WTJC English
9410 ENGLAND BBC Rampisham English
9420 IRAN VOIRI Arabic
9430 ARMENIA VOR via Yerevan Spanish
9440 CYPRUS BBC Arabic
9480 GERMANY RFE Lampertheim Russian
9515 TURKEY VOT English
9610 CANADA Vatican Radio via Sackville Spanish
9565 CYPRUS BBC Cyprus Farsi
9620 SPAIN REE Spanish
9635 LITHUANIA RFE Sitkunai Tatir-Bashkir
9645 ROMANIA RRI English
9660 MADAGASCAR Vatican Radio via Talata Swahili
9665 MOLDOVA VOR Kishinev English
9840 USA WHRI English

11635 SRI LANKA R. Farda Iranawela Farsi
11665 MALAYSIA RTM Sarawak via Kajang Malay
11960 JORDAN Damascus Arabic

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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