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Friday, June 17, 2011

Propagation on the shortest day

Here in Melbourne, we have just entered the shortest day period, which
extends from June 1u7 to June 25, with only 9 hrs and 33 mins of daylight
allowed for us.

During this period, propagation during our daytime will be at its peak, and
already the 9 MHz band is open for the full 24 hrs.

This is a summary of what the 9 MHz band looked like on June 17, in the
window 0130 to 0200 - solar flux was 103, and the SSN was 52:

9400 BULGARIA Spanish to 0200*
9420 GREECE VOG Greek
9430 ARMENIA VOA Yerevan Spanish
9470 CHINA CRI Urumqi English to 0200*
9535 SPAIN REE Spanish
9560 ROMANIA RRI French to 0200*
9570 ALBANIA CRI Cerrick English
9595 CHINA CRI Kashi Spanish
9620 SPAIN REE Spanish
9645 ROMANIA RRI *0200
9665 BRAZIL VOR via Brasilia English to 0200*
9680 INDONESIA RR Indonesia Jakarta Nat network
9690 SPAIN CRI via Noblejas *0200 English
9700 BULGARIA French
9710 CHINA CRI Kashi Spanish
9725 ABU DHABI FEBA via Dhabbaya Telugu
9740 SINGAPORE BBC Kranji English
9770 SRI LANKA SLBC English
9800 RUSSIA VOR Krasnodar English
9810 F. GUYANA VOR via Montsinery Spanish
9815 CHINA CRI Kashi Chinese
9870 INDIA Hindi
9895 CYPRUS BBC Farsi *0200
9905 IRAN VOIRI Spanish
9925 GERMANY V. of Croatia English
9945 TAJIKISTAN VOR Dushanbe Spanish
9975 UZBEKISTAN CVC Tashkent Hindi

***** Additional item:

11880 CHILE NHK-Radio Japan via the Santiago relay, huge signal on June 16
*2130-2200* carrying

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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