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Thursday, September 8, 2011

11 MHz propagation very good - spectrum research

Propagation on 11 MHz in our post-sunrise period continues to be excellent,
with strong signals from all continents.

These are the most important occupancies observed on September 7, 2011, in
the window 2030-2100.

11610 SPAIN REE French
11615 RWANDA RN Kigali English
11635 MOLDOVA VOR Kishinev French
11670 JAPAN NHK Yamata Japanese
11680 ENGLAND BBC Rampisham Arabic
" N. KOREA KCBS Korean
11755 GERMANY AWR Wertachtal Yoruba
11765 BRAZIL R. Tupi network
11780 BRAZIL R. Nacional
11810 ASCENSION BBC English
11840 ENGLAND VOV Skelton Vietnamese
11850 GUAM KSDA Chinese *2100
11910 N. KOREA KCBS Korean
" JAPAN NHK Yamata Japanese
11955 AUSTRIA AWR Moosbrunn French
11965 ROMANIA RRI Spanish *2100
12015 ENGLAND HCJB Rampisham Arabic *2100
12040 RUSSIA VOA Moscow English
12050 USA WEWN Spanish
12070 MARIANAS RFA Agignan Korean *2100

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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