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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Excellent 15 MHz, 17MHz, and 21 MHz proagation

Hi all!

The 10.7 cm solar flux is hovering around 125, and the SSN is around 79,
with these values categorised by the IPS in Sydney as "low".

Despite these depressed values, there has been intriguing propagation into
Melbourne recently in the predawn period, from 1900 to past 2000 on 15 MHz,
17 MHz, and 13 MHz.

So, broadcasters daring to operate on these bands for night-time
long-distance multi-hop coverage do so at their peril!

This is a sample of occupancies observed on October 18, 2011:

15190 BRAZIL R. Inconfidencia, shortpath mode over Antarctic region - rare
propagation - 1930 to 2200

15190 PHILIPPINES R. Pilipinas, Tinang, 1900-1930*

15190 USA WYFR *2200 Portuguese

17680 CHILE Voz Cristiana 1930-2000 mega-signal Spanish

17715 SPAIN REE 1930-2000 Spanish

17735 CANADA RCI-Sackville 1930-2000 French, 2000-1000 English

17755 SPAIN REE 1930-2000 Spanish

17795 ENGLAND BBC-Skelton 1930-2000* English

17895 SRI LANKA VOA-Iranawela 1900-1930* English

21690 F. GUYANA RFI-Montsinery 1900-2000 French

BRAZIL on 11 MHz

There is continuing Brazilian shortpath propagation evident in this band, in
our dawn window 2000-2100, as at Oct 18:


Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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