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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Solar activity and propagation

Hey all!

Did you know that Solar Activity has increased significantly?

Latest data from IPS in Sydney Nov 7 2011 is that the 10.7 cm solar flux
rose to 175 and the daily SSN increased to 129.

IPS has classified this level of activity as "moderate".

This high level of activity is not much good to me for reseaching daytime
propagation modes from Africa and Asia on the lower frequencies, due to
increased ionospheric absorption on multi-hop paths below 12 MHz.

I did some monitorong research over at the Warrandyte State Park yesterday
afternoon - some interesting occupancies on 15 MHz, as lower frequencies
were useless, in the window 0400 to 0430.

Here are some extracts, lots of daylight (shortpath) propagation from Middle
East and Europe.

15190 BRAZIL R. Inconfidencia
15210 INDIA Farsi
15220 ROMANIA RRI English
15260 IRAN Swahili
15285 S. ARABIA Swahili
15335 KUWAIT Azadi, Dari

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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