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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Propagation and Monitoring from Melbourne

Propagation and Monitoring from Melbourne
Latest advice from IPS Sydney is that the 10.7 cm solar radio flux has dropped to 130, and the equivalent SSN has fallen to 84, as Cycle 24 progresses.  The predicted peak for Cycle is December 2013, with estimated numbers of 139 for the Flux, and 90 for the SSN.
Here in Melbourne, the amount of daylight we are allowed is reducing by the day – sunrise today was 2118 (7.18 am) and sunset was 0715 (5.15 pm). Earliest sunset will be June 8 at 0717, and latest sunrise will be June 30 through July 7 at 2137.
Because the earth is tilted, this means that the days on which sunrise is earliest do not coincide for those when which sunrise is latest. I think hat someone should fix this up!
So, opportunities for researching multi-hop darkness, or semi-darkness path propagation during our daylight hours are improving, with 9 MHz, 11 MHz, and 13 MHz now open for all of our daytime hours
A handful of Brazilians are audible in our ,mornings. propagating;agagtomng over the darkness route south from Brazil, and arriving here from the south. This zone fol.follows the Antarctic region.
They included 11765, 11780, and 11815  in the period 2200-2300. The one on 11765 becomes audible as early as 2000.
Our afternoon Brazilian pattern is scarce, with 9565 and 9820 audible around 0400 to 0500.
On May 19 2012, between 0400 and 0500, ,lots of other action from the ME, Africa, and Europe, and short path from the Americas, including:
9610 VOIRI *0430 Hebrew
9760 GERMANY R. Farda Lampertheim
9770 ROMANIA RRI Romanian
9800 ROMANIA RRI *0430 Russian
9870 MADAGASCAR V. of People, English and African langs
9925 GERMANY V. of Croatia, Wertachtal, Croatian
11930 BELARUS R.Belarus, Belarusian, national network, news headlines at 0500
Best of luck, as shortwave broadcasting moves through its twilight years!
Regards from Melbourne!
Bob Padula

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