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Friday, June 15, 2012

Propagation research on 9 MHz

Solar activity has increased slightly, and is now indicated as " moderate",
according to the Ionospheric Prediction Service, Sydney, Australia.

Latest data:

10.7 cm solar radio flux 145
Equivalent smoothed sunspot number 99

It's winter here in Melbourne, with later sunrises and earlier sunsets, and
the 9 MHz region shows plenty of activity in our mid-morning window, with
several propagation modes from all continents on display.

This is a summary of key occupancies noted in the period 0030 to 0100 on
June 14 2012:

9390 UZBEKISTAN FEBA-Tashkent, Bangla
9420 GREECE VOG Greek
9430 MOLDOVA VOR-Kishinev Russian
9520 GERMANY R. Yatra, Wertachtal
9535 SPAIN REE Spanish
9570 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick English
9580 VATICAN VR-SMG *0025 Urdu
9590 CHINA CRI Spanish
9620 SPAIN REE-Costa Rica Spanish
9710 CHINA CRI-Kashi Portuguese
9780 CHILE CVC-Santiago Spanish, propagation via Antarctic path
9800 RUSSIA VOR-Krasnodar English
9800 CHINA CRI-Kashi Spanish
9835 MALAYSIA RTM Kajang Malay
9855 SRI LANKA VOA-Iranawila English
9870 INDIA Nat network
9925 GERMANY V. of Croatia, Wertachtal, S. Croatian

Regards from Melbourne!

Bob Padula

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