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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good opening on the Higher Frequencies

1950 - ABC "Blue Hills" poster
Inspection of the 15 and 17 MHz bands in the period 2030 to 2200 on September 22 2012 revealed surprising long path propagation openings from Europe, the ME, Africa, and short path from the Americas and Asia.

This is quite surprising, in view of the continuing low level of solar activity, where this sort of propagation has been unreliable into Melbourne.

This is a summary of key occupancies:

15110 SPAIN REE Noblejas Spanish 2030-2200
15140 OMAN R . Oman Arabic 2100 to 2200*
15210 EGYPT R. Cairo French 2100 to 2230*
15220 ROMANIA RRI English 2030-2100*
15245 N. KOREA VOK English *2130 (carrying usual drivel)
15345 ARGENTINA RAE Spanish 2000-2200* (it switches to 11710 at 2200)
15350 MOROCCO RTV Marocaine Arabic 2000-2100*
15420 GUAM KSDA Chinese *2100
15540 KUWAIT R. Kuwait English 2000-2100*
15610 USA WEWN English 2000-2100
15630 GREECE VOG Greek 2000-2100
17550 KUWAIT R. Kuwait Arabic 2000-2200
17705 CUBA RHC Spanish 2000-2200
17750 CUBA RHC Spanish 2000-2200
Notes about Solar Activity

IPS advises that the 10.7 cm Solar Radio Flux was 120 and the daily Equivalent Sunspot Number was 72, on Sep 22, 2012. The peak for Cycle 24 is predicted for November 2013, with Flux and SSN much the same levels as now.

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