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Monday, October 1, 2012

21 MHz activity

Further to reception notes about 21 MHz action, it is of interest to note that RFA currently operates on six freqs in this band, from Tinian Island, Marianas, all with attendant Chinese jammers!

21480 0400-0500 Chinese
21500 0600-0700 Tibetan
21580 0400-0600 Chinese
21595 0300-0400 Chinese
21650 0300-0400 Chinese
21710 0500-0600 Chinese
21720 0600-0700 Chinese

The highest freq currently used in this band is 21840, DW-Dhabbaya, 1200-1300, French.

VOR only uses one freq - 21800 0600-0900, listed for two sites in parallel, 250 kW, with English

Irkutsk: target Australia and NZ, 152 degrees
Novosibirsk: target Australia, 145 degrees

Latest solar activity is indicated by IPS as low - 10.7 cm radio flux 130 – equivalent daily SSN 84. Solar Cycle 24 is expected to “officially” peak in October 2013 with flux and daily SSN much the same as now, subject to some small variations. In reality, the peak has already been reached and it is sliding along a plateau.

So, long-haul, multi-hop propagation over darkness or partial-darkness paths on freqs above about 15 MHz will continue to be unreliable.

Cycle 25 is expected to start during 2015.

Frequency assignments for the B12 season (starting October 28, 2012) will continue to reflect reduced operations for night–time multi-hop propagation above 15 MHz.

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