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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HF Monitoring Oct 29 2012

On the morning of Oct 29 2012 I did some some spectrum monitoring work bet ween 1600 and 1700, that’s 3 am here in Melbourne.

I was at astonished to discover that the 16 metre band was very active, with MUFs quite high, even though solar activity is advised as being “very low”!

Many signals on 19 mb also.

Many long path signals from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa arriving from across the Pacific, after passing over North America.

This is a summary:

17560 S. ARABIA Arabic
17595 EGYPT Urdu
17615 S. ARABIA Hausa
17640 CYPRUS BBC English
17670 INDIA Swahili to 1615*
17715 SPAIN RFE Spanish
17735 FRANCE NHK-Issoudin Japanese
17745 ENGLAND Sudan Radio Service, Woofferton, Arabic
17850 COSTA RICA REE Spanish
15190 EQUATORIAL GUINEA R.Africa, Bata, English religious

Lots of activity between 16 30 and 1645, dominated by AIR regionals on 4760 4800 4810 4820 4840 4860 4880 4910 4920 5010 5040.


Goodness gracious!
21610 SPAIN REE Noblejas Spanish 1615!

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