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Friday, October 5, 2012

Mid-afternoon Brazilian signals

I was in the Warrandyte State Park yesterday, at Pound Bend, next to the Yarra, and was impressed with the very solid signals coming down the Brazilian pipeline in the mid-afternoon period on 11 MHz and 9 MHz.

Brazilian propagation into Melbourne is traditionally good following the equinoxes, with the signal path (short path) following the darkness route south from Brazil, over the Antarctic, and thence to here from the south.

This is the summary, with many good long path signals also audible from other regions, during the window 0430-0500, with the Eton E5 and 2 m antenna.

6155 AUSTRIA ORF Moosbrunn German
7295 FRANCE R. Algeria via Issoudin Arabic
9505 AUSTRIA AWR-Moosbrunn, Farsi to 0430*
9535 FRANCE R. Algeria via Issoudin Arabic
9565 BRAZIL // with 11765
9580 CHINA Xizang PBS, Lhasa, rare daytime appearance, Tibetan 0430
9595 JAPAN RF. Nikkei Japanese, appeared at 0515, but nothing audible on its second channel of 9760
9760 GERMANY R. Farda, Lampertheim to 0530*
11680 GERMANY NHK-Wertachtal Japanese
11735 N. KOREA VOK Spanish 0510
11750 CHINA CNR1
11765 BRAZIL
11780 BRAZIL
11925 BRAZIL
21520 IRAN Big signal from VOIRI *0500 Arabic

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