Saturday, October 20, 2012

New publications for radio monitoring enthusiasts

PADULA BOOKS is a specialized mail-order bookshop, founded in 1995, owned and managed by Bob Padula, OAM, and located in Melbourne, Victoria,

We offer a range of products of interest to world radio monitoring enthusiasts in Australia.

We are the Australian agent for Klingenfuss Publications, Germany, and the World Radio TV Handbook (UK).

Our new Summer 2012/2013 Price List/Order Form, effective Nov 1, 2012, is now available for downloading as a PDF document, which contains full information on pricing and methods of payment, at

Our products include:

2013 World Radio TV Handbook (annually) (print)
2013 Klingenfuss Shortwave Frequency Guide (print) (annually)
2013 Klingenfuss Super Frequency List on CD-ROM (annually)
2013-2014 Klingenfuss Utility Station Guide (print) (annually)
2013 Klingenfuss Frequency DataBase for Perseus Receivers - CD (annually)
2013 ARRL Handbook (annually) (print with accompanying CD)
Latest Shortwave Propagation Handbook (print)
Latest ARRL Antenna Handbook (print with accompanying CD) (annually)

All products may be ordered via
Postal Mail, Direct Bank Transfer (electronic), Cash, or PayPal (On-Line)

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