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Friday, November 30, 2012

News and Monitoring

Radio Bulgaria Monitoring via the DX-MIX Newsletter has published details of the cancelled and remaining transmissions of REE, operative from Nov 27, 2012.

I cannot really determine the exact pattern of cancellations, but of note is the deletion of most English broadcasts, with only one such transmission remaining 1900-2000 on 9605 for Africa.

The daily Spanish broadcast to Australia at 0900 has also disappeared!

It seems that some DRM transmissions remain remain, but with text only, no audio.

There has been wild and timewasting speculation in hobby newsgroups as to what is really happening with all this, as apparently no information has been released officially by the broadcaster on its Web site!

HFCC still lists the full B12 schedule, with no deletions.

Now, some monitoring here in Melbourne, which has been subjected to a great flood on Nov 28, and massive heatwave on Nov 30 when the temp here in Mont Albert reached 42 degrees!

Some snapshot observations of Nov 29:
5940 RUSSIA VOR-Samara Russian 1915
5950 ETHIOPIA R of Tigray Revolution Amharic to 1900*
5990 ROMANIA RRI Romanian 1915
5995 RUSSIA VOR-Irkutsk Russian 1940
6003 S. KOREA Echo of Hope, Hwaseong, Korean 1915 with jamming from NK
6090 ETHIOPIA R. Amhara, Amharic to 1900*
6140 SEYCHELLES BBC African langs to 1900*
“ IRAN Russian *1900
6170 ENGLAND BBC-Woofferton Arabic to 1900*
“ N. KOREA VOA German 1910
6180 S. AFRICA RFI-Meyerton Russian 1910
9500 SWAZILAND TWR English 1835, dominant over co-channel RA-Shepparton!
9505 SUDAN R. Sudan Arabic to 1900*
9515 GERMANY VOA-Lampertheim English *1900
“ IRAN Arabic 1825
9735 RUSSIA VOR-Moscow English 1815
9880 BOTSWANA VOA Portuguese to 1830*

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