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Thursday, January 31, 2013

BBC now in the 39 metre band!

The BBC is now operating in the obscure 39 metre band!
It's on 7600, from Nakhon Sawan (Thailand) and officially scheduled 1400 to 1700  in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Sinhala, and English 1700-1830.
Good propagation into Melbourne during the English segment, on Jan 30.
Strange freq choice!
Other activity discovered on Jan 30 in the adjacent 40 mb spectrum in the 1730-1800 window included:
7580 SRI LANKA R. Farda Iranawila, Persian
7560 THAILAND R. Ashna, Iranawila
7550 INDIA English
7520 SRI LANKA R. Farda Iranawila, Persian
7510 ARMENIA FEBA-Yerevan, Ethiopian languages
7495 THAILAND VOA (Deewa Radio) Udon, Pashto
7480 SRI VOA-Iranawila, Kurdish
7465 FRANCE RTI-Issoudin Russian
7455 THAILAND VOA (Deewa Radio) Udon, Pashto
7445 MARIANAS RFA-Tinian Chinese
7425 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
7415 MARIANAS RFA-Tinian Chinese
7390 BULGARIA Denge Kurdistane via Sofia, Kurdish
Very few occupancies by Chinese Dragons in that time period!

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