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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

31 mb signals

Latest advice from IPS is that solar activity is now rated as "very low" – 10 cm radio flux is down to 110, and smoothed sunspot number has fallen to 60.
This low level of activity has affected long-haul multi-hop propagation over darkness or semi-darkness paths, with MUFs/OWFs down to about 15 MHz on some routes.
Here in Melbourne, between 1900 and 1930, almost no activity from anywhere on freqs above 12 MHz!
I had a look at the low end of 31 mb, with these results:
9325  N.KOREA VOK German
9340 TAJIKISTAN VOR-Dushanbe Arabic
9390 FRANCE R. Algeria, Issoudin, Arabic
9400 MOLDOVA VOR-Kishinev French
9405 ENGLAND RL-Woofferton Russian
9420 GREECE VOG Greek
9425 INDIA Nast Net
9430 ENGLAND BBC-Woofferton English
9440 CHINA CRI-Kunming English
9445 INDIA English
9470 INDIA Nat Net
9485 GERMANY VOA-Nauen Tigrinya to 1930*

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