Friday, February 8, 2013

Episode 347 of the Australian DX Report

Episode 347 of the Australian DX Report weekly audio program about world shortwave broadcasting is now available.
It's at
Bob Padula
>>>>>>>>  SPECIAL NOTE >>>>>>>>>>
If you haven't already done so I would like to invite you to join the  Facebook group "World Shortwave Forum".
Almost 60 people have now joined and there are lots of postings! It is an independent service, not associated with any other list or  DX/SWL club, managed by Bob Padula, Melbourne.
It's for participation through comments, discussions, views, thoughts, videos, sound,images, news, loggings, QSLs, recollections or "trends for the future", related to Shortwave Broadcasting.
Anyone may join, from anywhere in the known Universe (and elsewhere!), who has a FB account, subject to the admin's approval.
Sign-up or view the Group at

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