Saturday, March 9, 2013


The approaching March Equinox (March 20 2013) heralds improved daytime propagation into Melbourne from Brazil and other Deep South countries on the 11 MHz band.
Already, some Brazilian signals are audible – but not many (!) – on 11765 and 11780.
This propagation is via short path, across Antarctica, with signals arriving at Melbourne from the south.
Fade-in is around 1950, with signals peaking about 2130. Both stations operate to irregular schedules – when on 24-hrs, they remain audible throughout our day up until 0400 and later.
Beyond the Equinox, Brazilians may be expected in Melbourne on 9 MHz in the 2100-2200 window.
Our evening reception is also via short path, throughout the year on 5 and 6 MHz, and I'll leave that for Rob Wagner to summarize!

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