Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Low end of 25 mb, pre-dawn

Good signals on the low end of the 25 mb in our pre-sunrise window, 1800-1830 on March 19 2013.
Short-path from Europe, ME, Africa and Asia.
11510 BULGARIA Denge Kurristan – Sofia, Kurdish
11535 N. KOREA VOK French
11570 PAKISTAN Urdu
11580 INDIA English
11600 LIBYA Arabic
11615 VATICAN Darfur Radio via SMG to 1830* Sudanese/Arabic
11625 VATICAN VR SMG Portuguese
11650 BULGARIA Overcomer Ministry, Sofia, English
11665 MALAYSIA RTVM-Kajang, Malay
11670 INDIA English
11710 INDIA Arabic
11730 TURKEY English (language lessons) to 1830*
11750 SR I LANKA SLBC-Ekala, various langs
Usage of Santa Maria Galeria relay for Darfur Radio of note.

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