Saturday, March 16, 2013

WBCQ using H3E moduulation

From March 10 2013, WBCQ The Planet is registered for H3E (single sideband + full carrier) modulation for all of its transmissions:
Txer 1 1900-0400 7480
Txer 2 24 hrs 9330
Txer 3 1400-2100 15420
Txer 4 2300-0300 5110
Target is NAm, English, 50 kW.
As I recall, many years ago,  H3E and its variant R3E (SSB+reduced carrier) were used by a handful of international broadcasters, known as "Compatible SSB Mode". The main advantage of H3E was greater signal strength, using older or simple receivers without the capability to resolve SSB–suppressed carrier  (J3E) transmissions. R3E turned out to be a fizzer, if carrier levels dropped below the threshold.
Technology developments in later years has resulted in these modes being virtually abandoned for international broadcasting.

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