Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mont Albert Monitoring Report

I checked out the lower  portion of the 9 MHz band this morning, in the window 1930-2000 (5.30 am local).
Plenty of activity  in the frequency range 9200-to 9490!
This is what that area of the band looked like:
9200 TAIWAN. Sound of Hope, Chinese
9320 IRAN Arabic
9390 THAILAND R. Thailand, Udon, English
9420 GREECE VOG Greek
9425 N. KOREA  VOK German
9440 CHINA CRI-Kunming English
9445 INDIA English
9460 TURKEY Turkish
9480 ALBA NIA CRI-Cerrick French
9490 THAILAND VOA-Udon Korean
9400 IRAN English
9430 DUBAI VOV-Dhabbaya German

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