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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Propagation Notes

This morning was the coldest in Melbourne this year! Here in Mont  Albert, the temperature in my back verandas at 6 am was 0.0 degrees. It had risen to 1 degree at 8 am, and by 9 am it was quite warm at 2 degrees!
At 8 am I was doing concreting and repairs to my garden paths – the quick-set cement seemed to like the icy conditions as it set within a few seconds of mixing!
The bird baths had frozen over – the water in my cement mixing plastic dish had also frozen solid. The goldfish in their outdoor pool were OK, as the pool didn't freeze.
I have already posted a report about propagation at 6.00 am (2000 UTC) in the 41 metre band.
At 0000 (10.00 am) several signals noted on 49 mb and 41 mb.
This is more like the pattern we have experienced in earlier winters, with long-haul shortpath propagation from Europe, Africa, Brazil and the Middle East, and longpath from North America.
49 mb eventually dropped out at 0030, but reappeared again at 0125 for long path,and short path from the Americas. The 41 mb was open throughout the morning
To observe these  signals, I had to reduce the noise floor – forced disconnection of many appliances which were contributing to power line noise. These included the switching power supplies to the mobile phones, the FOXTEL cable modem, the big TV set, the microwave oven, the desktop PC, the deskjet printer,  the PC  monitor, the DVD player, and the motion sensor lighting control gear on the front veranda.
This is a summary of propagation:
5935 USA WWCR English (long path)
6180 BRAZIL Short path
7250 KUWAIT VOA Tibetan
7260 TURKEY Turkish (SP)
7335 ROMANIA RRI Romanian (SP)
7350 CHINA CRI-Kashi Chinese (SP)
7365 USA Marti (LP)
7280 GERMANY R. Farda, Nauen, Persian (LP/SP combined!)
7335 ROMANIA RRI Romanian (LP/SP combined!))

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