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Saturday, July 20, 2013

49 mb monitoring from Mont Albert

Despite heavy power line interference, he 49 mb this morning was quite active between 1830 and 1900, July 20 2013 local.
This is a summary:
5830 MARIANAS RFA-Tinian Korean to 1900*
5860 KUWAIT R. Farda
5900 PHILS VOA-Tinang Korean
5910 ROMANIA RRI Macedon ian
5915 ZAMBIA Nat radio dialects
5930 RUSSIA R.  Rossi, P/K
5940 SAO TOME VOA English to 1900*
5950 ETHIOPIA BV.of Tigray Resolution
5960  TURKEY Turkish
5965 MALAYSIA RTM-Kajang Malay
5970 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick French
5975 RUSSIA VOR-Novosibirsk Russian
5995 GERMANY RL-Biblis Russian
6030 ETHIOPIA R. Orumya dialects
6040 IRAN English
6045 INDIA Urdu
6050 KUWAIT R. Kuwait Arabic
6055 RWANDA R. Rwanda through to closing at 2100
6055 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick French (co-channel Rwanda)
6090 ETHIOPIA R. Amhara dialects
6090 CHINA CRI-Urumqi Romanian
6110 SERBIA R. Serbia International, beginning Serbian 1930 after tuning signal
6110 ETHIOPIA R. Fana dialects
6140 IRAN Russian
6145 ENGLAND KBS-Woofferton French to 2000*
6155 INDIA Urdu to 1930*
6165 CHAD Nat radio French
6165 ZAMBIA Nat radio dialects (co-channel Chad)
6175 CHINA CRI-Beijing English
6185 ENGLAND RTI-Woofferton German
1. Heavy jamming from N. Korea present on 6005 and  6015 intended for Echo of Hope/VOH 1830-1900
2. 5980 VATICAN Unlisted Spanish program 2020 to 2040, then into regular Arabic service. Spanish segment appeared to be some sport of festival or concert!

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