Monday, July 15, 2013

9 MHz just before noon!

Mid-winter past - summer is coming!
A check of spectrum occupancy in the 9 MHz band on July 14 revealed some strong signals just before local noon – 0130 to 0200 UTC.
This is a summary:
Daytime shortpath signals from Asia (E-mode)
Longpath from Europe/Africa/ME
9400 RFA via Sitkuani (Lithuania) Uyghur
9850 R. Tirana, English
9925 Mighty KBC Radio, English, via Nauen (Germany) – super strong - currently operates only on Sundays – intended for Dutch truckers in Europe during the late evening hours (See
9420 GREECE VOG Greek
9435 ARMENIA VOR-Yerevan, Spanish
9489 F. Guyana R. Republica-Montsinery, Spanish
9535 SPAIN REE Spanish
9550 CUBA RHC Spanish
9570 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick, Spanish
9580 CUBA CRI-Havana, Chinese
9595 CHINA CRI-Kashi, Spanish
9620 SPAIN Spanish
9665 MOLDOVA VOR-Kishinev, English
9675 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
9700 ROMANIA RRI French
9710 CHINA CR I-Kashi Spanish
9770 TURKEY Spanish
9870 INDIA Hindi

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