Friday, August 9, 2013

Shortwave Radio History Forum

This is a new Group on Facebook for anyone with an interest in sharing memories,  recollections, stories, photographs, and memorabilia about the history of shortwave radio broadcasting. It's Administrator is Bob Padula, OAM, Melbourne, Australia.
Suggested themes for conversations would include
When and how your interest started
Receivers/antennas/equipment you have used
Your favourite stations and programs?
Your favourite announcers/personalities/celebrities?
If you are a QSL collector, what are your best ones?
How has SW broadcasting changed?
Did you ever join or administer any SWL/DX Clubs/organizations?
Has traditional SW broadcasting reached its "use-by date"?
Vintage station pennants/posters/letters/QSLs
Recordings (audio or video) of stations which no longer exist
Links to relevant internet resources
1. This Group should NOT be used for posting reception notes/loggings, schedules, QSLs or similar information about present-day SW broadcasting!
2. Commercial advertising will not be accepted
3. You may recommend anyone for membership whom you believe would be able to participate in the Group – they would need to be approved by the admin
4. The principal focus of this Group is SHORTWAVE BROADCASTING

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