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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monitoring Research 15 and 13 MHz

This is a Snapshot Summary of monitoring research of October 19 2013, in the predawn window here in Melbourne, on 15 MHz and 13 MHz.

Various propagation mods were apparent!


15140 OMAN R . Oman Arabic
15180 ENGLAND BBC-Woofferton French
15190 EQUATORIAL GUINEA R. Africa, Bata, English, V, of Philippines absent, which usually blocks this channel at this time!
15215 AUSTRIA VBV-Moosbrunn English, mega-signal!
15300 FRANCE RFI-Issoudun French
15315 FRANCE V. of Gospel, Issoudun, Hausa (schedule is *1830-1900*)
15360 ENGLAND KBS-Woofferton Russian
15400 ASCENSION BBC English
15420 SEYCHELLES BBC-Mahe English (no sign of WCBQ)
15445 GERMANY NHK-Nauen Japanese
15480 UAE BBC-Dhakka Arabic
15540 KUWAIT R. Kuwait ENGLISH
15570 VATICAN VR-SMG French at 1820
15710 EGYPT Hausa


13620 FRANCE RFI-Russian
13640 INDIA English
13650 KUWAIT R . Kuwait
13695 INDIA English
13720 IRAN Hausa
13740 FRANCE RFI-Issoudun French
13760 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
13765 VATICAN VR-SMG Latin *1840
13820 FRANCE R. Algeria via Issoudun Arabic
13870 GERMANY VOA-Nauen Amharic

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