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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monitoring Research - Oct 27/28 2013

The B13 transmission season is now in full swing, associated with a downwards trend of the 10.7 cm Radio Flux and Sunspot Activity levels.

Sunspot Cycle 24 has now peaked, at a level which was the lowest ever recorded!

This is a summary of selected spectrum occupancies observed here in Melbourne on October 27 and 28 2013 (UTC days) at various times.

Field Monitoring in the Warrandyte State Park - Oct 28

0300 to 0330

13600 OMAN R. Oman, Arabic
13615 SRI LANKA IBB-Iranawila Persian
13620 CHINA CRI-Xian English
13630 UZBEKISTAN CVC-Tashkent Hindi
13680 IRAN Swahili
13700 CHINA CNR1
13720 UAE Sudan R. Service, Dhabbaya, Arabic
13730 ROMANIA RRI English
13740 CHINA CRI-Kashi Chinese
13760 N. KOREA English
13835 SRI LANKA IBB-Iranawila Persian

15345 ARGENTINA RAE Spanish

17700 PHILS PBS-Tinang Filipino
17710 CHINA CRI-Jinling Russian
17760 THAILAND BBC-Nakhon Urdu
17770 THAILAND IBB-Udorn Russian
17820 PHILS PBS-Tinang Filipino
17860 PHILS IBB-Tinang Tibetan

Home Location in Mont Albert

17850 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin French

1830-1900 Oct 27

5875 THAILAND BBC-Nakhon Dari
5890 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin Russian
5910 UAE BBC-Dhabbaya Dari
5925 IRAN Albanian *1825
5945 OMAN BBC English
5965 UAE TWR-Dhabbaya Amharic
6130 SWAZILAND TWR-Manzini African languages

7285 IRAN Arabic
7315 GERMANY IBB-Biblis Azeri
7380 IRAN French
7520 THAILAND IBB-Udorn Persian
7580 SRI LANKA IBB-Iranawila Persian

1000-1030 Oct 28

21540 KUWAIT R. Kuwaiti Arabic
21580 KUWAIT R. Kuwait Filipino
21670 S. ARABIA Indonesia

1700-1730 Oct 28

13580 SRI LANKA IBB-Iranawila Somali
13605 INDIA Hindi
13615 GERMANY IBB-Lampertheim Persian
13640 INDIA Persian
13650 KUWAIT R. Kuwaiti Arabic
13660 UAE BBC-Dhabbaya Arabic
13670 EGYPT Urdu
13710 S. ARABIA Arabic
13730 MADAGASCAR NHK-Talata Swahili *1730
13740 FRANCE RFI-Issoudun French
13755 BOTSWANA IBB E ngloish
13765 VATICAN VR-SMG French
13845 USA WWCR English

15285 EGYPT Somali

17560 S. ARABIA Arabic
17620 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin French
17655 USA IBB-Greenville Portuguese
17715 SPAIN Spanish
17755 SPAIN Spanish
17745 ENGLAND Sudan R, Service Woofferton, Arabic
17780 ASCENSION BBC English
17830 ASCENSION BBC English1 7895 VATICAN IBB(VOA) via Santa Maria di Galeria English


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