Saturday, November 23, 2013

Monitoring Research - 60 mb

This morning, pre-sunrise, resulted in many signals in the 60 mb, following darkness routes from Africa and Asia.
This summary may be of interest, showing what the band looked like in the 1730 to 1800 window, Nov 22 2013:
4765 TAJIKISTAN Tajik Radio, Dushanbe, nat net
4780 DJIBOUTI Nat Net
4800 INDIA Hyderabad regional net
4820 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang Urumqi Chinese
4880 S. AFRICA SWR Africa, Meyerton English (xed India)
4880 INDIA Lucknow regional net (xed Meyerton)
4910 INDIA Jaipur regional net
4920 INDIA Chennai,with Madras regional net
4930 BOTSWANA VOA English
4960 TAJIKISTAN  VOR-Dushanbe English
4976 UGANDA nat net
4980 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang Urumqi Uyghur
5010 INDIA Thiruv. Chennai regional net
5040 INDIA Kolkata, Chennai regional net
5060 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang Urumqi Chinese

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