Thursday, December 5, 2013

Monitoring Research - December 4 2013

Daylight/darkness zones as at 1730 UTC on Dec 4 2013
Even though solar activity continues to be at a low level, MUsF/OWFs are about 23 MHz for transmission paths into Melbourne, from all continents, in the pre-sunrise period window.
Propagation routes for 17 MHz and 21 MHz are generally via the predominantly daylight zone across the Pacific - short-path from the Americas, long-path from Europe/Africa/ME. Transmissions from Asia are via the short darkness path.

This is a summary of selected entries noted on Dec 4 2013, spanning 1600 to 1630:
17560 S. ARABIA Arabic
17615 FRANCE RFI-Issoudin Hausa
17640 ASCENSION BBC English
17790 USA R. Africa via WRMI English
17715 SPAIN Spanish
17800 UAE DW-Dhabbaya Amharic
17830 ASCENSION BBC English
17840 EGYPT Swahili
21610 SPAIN Spanish
21630 USA WHRI English

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