Friday, August 22, 2014


Good propagation around the Melbourne sunrise window on August 21 2014.
Signals of note included IBRA Radio from Woofferton , VOIRI, AWR from Nauen and RRI.
Dominated by short path from Europe, Africa, ME, and Asia.
This is a summary of selected observations in the 1930 to 2000 period:
11605 GERMANY AWR-Nauen Arabic
11615 SPAIN English
11625 ROMANIA RRI Spanish
11635 N. KOREA English
11730 BELARUS German
11840 GERMANY AWR-Nauen Arabic
11875 ENGLAND IBRA RADIO Woofferton Fulfulde
11885 IRAN English
11975 ROMANIA Russian
12015 N. KOREA German
12025 RWANDA DW-Kigali Portuguese
12070 ENGLAND IBRA Radio Woofferton African langs

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