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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Monitoring Research - 9 MHz

Here in Melbourne, it is only two weeks until the end of winter, and propagation patterns have changed, with earlier sunrise and later sunset.
Solar Activity continues to remain low, meaning that long-haul, multi-hop propagation on frequencies above about 14 MHz on darkness or partial-darkness paths will continue to be unreliable.
The 9 MHz area continues to show strong activity in our pre-sunrise window, in the time span 1900 to 1930, corresponding to 0500 to 0530 here. This band is dominated by transmissions from  Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, arriving in Melbourne via the darkness zone from the west.
Notable occupancies included:
IBRA Radio via Kigali 9550
Radio Cairo 9685
CRI via Cerrick 9480
RRI 9500 and 9540
VOIRI 9715
This is the full summary:
9390 THAILAND R. Thailand English
9410 UAE BBC-Dhabbaya English,lish
9420 GREECE Greek
9425 N. KOREA German
9440 CHINA CRI English
9460 TURKEY Turkish
9480 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick French
9500 ROMANIA RRI Romanian
9515 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick Czech
9525 CHINA CRI-Beijing  Russian
9535 CHINA CRI-Baoji Portuguese
9540 ROMANIA RRI Spanish
9550 RWANDA IBRA-Kigali Arabic
9555 S. ARABIA Arabic
9560 CHINA CRI-Urumqi Hungarian
9620 INDIA Arabic
9620 CHINA CRI-Kashi Portuguese
9645 CHINA CRI-Kunming French
9655 CHINA CRI-Kunming Turkish
9665 SPAIN English
9675 S. ARABIA Arabic
9685 EGYPT Russian
9715 IRAN English from *1920
9730 VIETNAM English
9755 IRAN Italian from *1920
9765 CHINA CRI-B Portugese
9775 KUWAIT RFA Chinese
9810 BOTSWANA VOA Portuguese
9835 MALAYSIA domestic Malay
9840 GERMANY RL-Lampertheim Russian
9870 S. ARABIA Arabic
9875 N. KOREA German
9925 PHILS PBS Tinang English

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