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Friday, August 29, 2014

Monitoring Research

Research of the 7 MHz spectrum during the Melbourne pre-sunrise window has revealed a large number of unoccupied channels in the period 1830 to 1900.
This has been due to the closure of many IBB services in this time period, including VOA, RFE/RL and RFA, which had used frequencies in this band.
There are more vacant channels than active ones!
This is a summary of what the band looked like on August 28 2014 in the time span 1830 to 1900.
7205 CHINA CRI-Urumqi Russian
7210 N. KOREA French
7265 CHINA CRI-Urumqi Bulgarian
7275 S. KOREA KBS-Kimjae English
7280 VIETNAM French
7300 ROMANIA RRI German
7340 CHINA CRI-Kashi Italian
7350 CHINA CRI-Urumqi French
7350 IRAN Russian to 1850* co-channel China
7375 OMAN BBC Arabic
7395 CHINA CRI-Kashi German
7415 CHINA CRI-Beijing Russian
7425 THAILAND BBC-Nakhon Dari
7480  MOLDOVA   R. Bahia, Kishinev Persian

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