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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monitoring Research 7 MHz

The 7 MHz band now has many vacant channels, as observed here in Melbourne during our sunrise period.
This low occupancy rate has been influenced by many IBB services having been cancelled, and the steady shutting-down of other broadcasters.
The band is dominated by transmitters in China.
I suggest that when the rest of the world has closed down all of its SW services, broadcasts from China will still be there!
This summary of activity made on September 1 2014 may be of interest, across the time span 1900 to 1930.
7255 CHINA CRI-Kunming Turkish
7260 MARIANAS  RFA-Tinian Chinese
7295 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
7385 CHINA CRI-Kashi Albanian
7445 MADAGASCAR BBC-Talata English
7455 THAILAND  RL-Udon Russian
Some News
MALAYSIA – Radio TV Malaysia – Kajang transmitters
7295 English - has not been heard here in Melbourne the past few days in the 1800 to 2200 period, and may have been closed down.
5965 Malay – good signals in 1800-2200 period – relay of Radio Klasik FM national network
9835 Malay  - carrying RTM-Sarawak  mega-signal between 2200 and 2300, Radio Sarawak FM network from Kuching
11665 Malay – carrying RTM-Sarawak with relay of Wai-FM from Kuching, 2200 to 2300.
This propagation pattern may well herald good Melbourne Summer Daytime Mode action in the weeks ahead!

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