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Friday, February 13, 2015


Not much space in the 11 MHZ band this morning here in Melbourne, with  most channels, with some dual occupancies apparent.
Of note:
RFE broadcasts from Vatican relay (Santa Maria di Galeria)
  • Voice of Forum of Eritreans via Issoudin relay
  • IBRA Radio via Dhabbaya relay
  • VOA via Issoudun relay
This is a summary of what the band looked like at 1735, well before our sunrise, mainly short path (darkness) propagation from the west.
11580 USA TOM-WRMI English (Iong path)
11610 S. AFRICA IBRA-Meyerton Somali
11625 VATICAN VR-SMG English
11645 N. KOREA Arabic
11660 S. AFRICA RFI-Meyerton French
11700 SWAZILAND TWR-Manzini African lang
11710 INDIA Arabic
11720 FRANCE V. of Forum of Eritreans, Tigrinya (see note)
11730 TURKEY English
11750 SRI LANKA SLBC Sinhala
11785 UAE IBRA-Dhabbaya Swahili
11800 VATICAN RFE via SMG Russian
11830 IRAN Swahili
11840 GERMANY RL-Biblis Russian
11860 GERMANY AWR-Nauen Kabyle
11890 RL-Lampertheim Russian
11900 FRANCE VOA-Issoudun Oromo (see note)
11945 JAPAN NHK-Yamata Japanese
11975 FRANCE RTI-Issoudun English
12005 RWANDA DW-Kigali French
12025 INDIA Malayalam (see note)
12140 KUWAIT VOA Oromo
12160 USA WWCR English (long path)
  • Malayalam is a Dravidian language with about 38 million speakers spoken mainly in the south west of India, particularly in Kerala, the Laccadive Islands and neighbouring states, and also in Bahrain, Fiji, Israel, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, UAE and the UK.
  • Oromo is a Cushitic language spoken by about 30 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Egypt and is the 3rd largest language in Africa. The Oromo people are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia and account for more than 40% of the population. They can be found all over Ethiopia and particularly in Wollega, Shoa, Illubabour, Jimma, Arsi, Bale, Hararghe, Wollo, Borana, and the southwestern part of Gojjam.
  • Tigrinya is a member of the Ethiopic branch of Semitic languages with about 6 million speakers mainly in the Tigre region of Ethiopia and in Central Eritrea. There are also large immigrant communities of Tigrinya speakers in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Germany, Italy the UK, Canada and Sweden, as well as in other countries.

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