Thursday, February 26, 2015

Monitoring Research - Central Asia - 5 MHz spectrum

This summary of important frequency occupancies in the time span 1700  to 1730 , on Feb 25 2015, pre-sunrise here in Melbourne!
Of particular note was the English service from the Xizang PBS at Lhasa, apparently on a revised schedule.
Co-channel (*CC) usage on several frequencies by China and India!
4800 CHINA CNR1 (*CC)
4800 INDIA Hyderabad (*CC)
4810 INDIA Bhopal
4820 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa with ENGLISH, on changed schedule (*CC)
4820 INDIA Kolkata (*CC)
4850 CHINA Xinjiang PBS Urumqi Kazakh
4860 INDIA Simla
4880 INDIA Lucknow
4905 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa Chinese
4920 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa Chinese (*CC)
4920 INDIA Chennai (*CC)
4930 BOTSWANA VOA English
4980 CHINA XInjiang PBS Urumqi Uighur
5010 INDIA Chennai (*CC)
5010 MADAGASCAR domestic (*CC)
5040 INDIA Jeypure
5060 CHINA Xinjiang PBS Urumqi Chinese

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