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Monday, February 23, 2015


Good propagation into Melbourne this morning pre-sunrise, multi-modal from all continents , even though solar activity has dropped to a very low level!
This summary of notable occupancies  UT Feb 22 2015 may be of interest, as observed across the time span 1730 to 1800.
6000 CHINA CNR1 to 1805* – in  clear, usually blocked by jammers from 6003!
11610 S. AFRICA IBRA Radio Meyerton Somali
11660 S. AFRICA RFI-Meyerton French
11700 GERMANY BVB-Nauen Arabic
11710 CHINA CNR1 to 1805*
11720 FRANCE Forum of Eritrea, Issoudun Tigrinya
11785 UAE IBRA Radio Dhabbaya Swahili
13580 SRI LANKA VOA-Iranawila Somali
13590 BOTSWANA VOA English
13630 BOTSWANA VOA Portuguese
13640 INDIA Arabic
13650 KUWAIT R. Kuwait Arabic
13695 INDIA English from *1745
13710 S. ARABIA Arabic
13730 MADAGASCAR NHK-Talata Swahili
13740 FRANCE RFI-Issoudun French
13765 VATICAN VR-SMG English
13845 USA WWCR English
13860 SAO TOME VOA English
15120 NIGERIA VON Arabic
15155 FRANCE AWR-Issoudun Oromo
15140 OMAN R. Oman Arabic
15205 S. ARABIA Arabic
15345 EGYPT English
15325 S. ARABIA Arabic
15335 FRANCE BVB-Issoudun Amharic
15435 S. ARABIA Arabic
21600 USA WHRI English

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