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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Solar Activity

Solar activity has fallen to a very low level, the lowest for many months - 10.7 cm Solar Radio Flux is 90, and the daily Equivalent Sunspot Number is 41.
It seems that the peak of Sunspot Cycle 24 has now passed, with Cycle 25 imminent.
Here in Melbourne, this low level of activity has  manifested itself in unreliable propagation on long haul. multi-hop darkness or semi-darkness routes on frequencies above about 14 MHz, due to considerably depressed Optimum Working Frequencies (OWFs) and Maximum Usable Frequencies (MUFs) on those circuits.
Items of note this morning (May 26 UT) between 1930 and 2000, 5.30 am here, revealed these occupancies in the 9 MHz band:
9515 GERMANY NY Pan American Broadcasting, Nauen English
9635 TURKEY French
9715 IRAN English from  *1930
9850 GERMANY VOA-Lampertheim Kurdish
9940 SWAZILAND TWR-Manzini French
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This email has been protected by YAC (Yet Another Cleaner)

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